Launching Conversational AI: Six Keys to Success

Posted by Satish Jha on Tue, Jul 16, 2019

Vaibhav Bansal co-wrote this post with Satish Jha 

A witty, ever-reliable butler is a must-have for crime-fighting billionaires — just ask Bruce Wayne. The closest thing that Tony Stark has to a butler is his AI assistant Jarvis, with its alert, intelligent and unaffected responses to Ironman’s perpetual snark.

While we are still years away from creating a chat bot as sophisticated as Jarvis, the recent advancements in NLP, (natural language processing, the technology that powers chat bots,) have been very encouraging. Someday, we believe these AI agents will become so advanced that they allay the common belief that AI can’t be as perceptive or intuitive as humans. Though such a future is a few decades away, conversational AI is already solving countless problems and driving better engagement and experience.

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