Rise of the Patient “Illuminati”: Three Things You Need to Know in the New Age of Patient and Consumer Marketing

Posted by Pragati Anand on Wed, Feb 11, 2015

It’s not news to marketers that numerous factors, the Affordable Care Act prominent among them, are changing the way individuals in the United States consume health care. As consumers bear an increasing portion of the financial burden and as access to online health information becomes easier and easier, patients’ role in health-care decision making is only likely to increase.

This trend was highlighted in the results of a recent survey of about two dozen prominent health-care marketing executives that ZS conducted in preparation for our annual (internal) consumer practice summit. The survey results fueled a vibrant discussion on the role of patients in the health-care marketing business. About 75% of the marketers surveyed believe that consumer marketing has become increasingly important in the past three years.

We wanted to share few other interesting survey results here:

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