From BI to AI: Getting Started With Advanced Analytics

Posted by Niroop Singh on Thu, Nov 01, 2018

Pharmaceutical companies are making big investments in analytics ecosystems, but not without some disappointment in terms of ROI. Because investments are typically limited to people or technology in isolation, companies can’t deliver the kind of value that makes such programs worthwhile. At the same time, cost pressures mean that analytics and data management groups have to deliver more with less. Executives who sponsor such programs also need to be very clear on how to define the success of such initiatives. Creating hundreds of new reports does not equal success. To give your analysts the advanced tools that they need to truly succeed, you need the right combination of people, data processes and technology to get the most out of your advanced analytics investment.

What should my team look like? What kind of processes do I need to support an advanced analytics capability? What kind of technology? These are great questions to ask at the outset, and here are some answers:

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