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The Active Ingredient features expert insights and commentary from leaders of ZS Associates' global pharmaceuticals practice.

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How Pharma Can Sharpen its Focus on Value-Based Partnerships

The Growing Challenge of Product Differentiation

A Tale of Two Patients: Who Will the Proposed Safe Harbor Regulation Most Benefit?

How to Bridge the Medical-Commercial Divide

How Pharma Can Drive Value and Embrace Change in an Evolving Marketplace

Advancements in Data Science and Big Data Technologies Will Change the Way Clinical Decisions Are Made Today

Three Ways to Get the Most from Your Field-Based Roles

Biosimilar Interchangeability: What You Need to Know for 2019

How Gamification Can Help Pharma Companies Play to Win

Putting Agile Launch Into Practice

Laissez-Faire vs. Over-Prepared: What Preparing for a Doctor's Appointment Tells Us About Patients

What It’ll Take to Follow in Gottlieb’s Footsteps: Protect, Innovate and Scale

The Rebate Rules Are Changing. Here’s What Pharma Needs to Do to Prepare

How to Get Pharma Leaders to Wrap Their Minds—and Their Arms—Around Advanced Analytics

How to Survive in Pharma's Payer-Empowered World

A Medtech Exec, Pharma Exec and Venture Capitalist Walk Onto a Stage and Talk Digital Health

Our Drug Rebate Prediction Is Coming True: Now Can We Turn Our Attention to the Value of Drugs?

Traditional Pharma Sales Roles Are Becoming Obsolete. Here's How to Adapt.

Collaboration Sparks a New ‘Value of Drugs’ Discussion, and Pharma Needs to Speak Up

Assessing MSL Effectiveness: A Three-Pronged Strategy

First Launch Commercialization Strategy: Go It Alone or Partner?

Four Takeaways From the Year’s Biggest—and Rainiest—Healthcare Conference

Even in a Favorable Regulatory Environment, Will Biosimilars Gain Traction in the US This Year?

Ramping Up Real-World Evidence: Assessing the FDA’s New RWE Framework

Will Artificial Intelligence Usher in the Age of Industrial Medicine?

Physicians, Payers and Patients Want Evidence, and Med Affairs Knows How to Deliver

The Death of Dashboards, and the Promise of Personalized Analytics

The Evolving Role of Medical Affairs: Four Trends to Watch

Three Things That Pharma Executives Must Do to Keep Pace With the Healthcare Evolution

The Humira Question: Will the Adalimumab Biosimilars Live Up to the Hype?

Pharma’s Commercial Resource Redesign: Managing Timelines and Expectations

Making the Case for a New Analytics Consumption Model

Pharma Should Be Making More Data-Driven Deployment Decisions

The Healthcare Landscape Has Shifted. How Will Pharma’s Commercial Resource Planning Respond?

Trump’s Medicare Pricing Policy Could Mean Big Disruptions to Medical Benefits

What the Changes in DTC Spending Mean for Pharma Companies

From Good to Great: To Accelerate Growth, Look Inward

Who’s the Real Target of Trump’s Medicare Price Policy?

Three Takeaways for Impactful Patient Marketing From Digital Pharma East

From BI to AI: Getting Started With Advanced Analytics

If AI Is the Engine and Patient Data Is its Fuel, Then Who’s in the Driver’s Seat?

If We Pull the Plug on Drug Rebates, Can We Finally Focus on Value?

Can the FDA’s Biosimilars Action Plan Change the Game for Biosimilars in the U.S.?

The CVS/Aetna Merger Got the Greenlight, but Pharma Is Stuck at an Imaginary Red

To Be Truly Effective, Key Account Management Needs Better Technology

The Changing Landscape of DTC Marketing

‘Beyond the Pill’ Offerings Strike a Chord with IDNs, But Face Regulatory Uncertainty

What Does a Good Forecasting Platform Look Like?

Three Tips for Getting the Most From Your Brand Tracker

A Majority of Patients Want AI to Improve Their Face Time With Physicians, ZS Research Finds

Has Gawande Found the Right Man for the Job?

IDNs are Gaining Control Over Doctors' Prescription Pads and Pharma Should Take Note

How the Right RWE Platform Serves Up the Ingredients for Innovation

How Do Doctors Feel About Robots in the Exam Room?

How Cloud Tech Has Leveled the Pharma Field

System Change: The Path to Customer Centricity

What the GDPR Means for Pharma Marketers

DNA-Based Data Is a Hot Commodity, and Pharma Is Buying

What Do IDNs Care About? We Have the Data

Walking the Walk: How Pharma Companies Can Deliver Patient-Centric Experiences

New ZS Research on Forecasting in an Evolving Landscape

Trump’s Drug Pricing Plan: What Does it Really Mean for Pharma?

Having Customer-Centric Capabilities Doesn’t Mean That You’re a Customer-Centric Organization

AI Across the Pond: Implementing Next Best Actions in Europe

Bezos, Buffet and Dimon Bring in Part-Time CEO Gawande: Who Will Be the Muscle?

Pharma Is Ready for Personalized Analytics

Three Critical Moves for Getting Launch Targeting Right

Better Decisions, Faster: Forecasting in Times of Change

Achieve KAM Success by Overcoming the ‘Challenge From Within’

Five Myths About Artificial Intelligence

The State of AI Adoption in Pharma

Five Critical Steps for Successfully Leveraging AI

Conference’s Underlying Message: Change or You’ll Be Left Behind

Ready for Your Customers to Tear Down Some Walls—and Build Others?

Get More Out of Your Next Strategy Workshop

Promotional Preferences: Are Pharma Sales Reps Listening to Doctors’ Cues?

The Next Challenge in Realizing Customer Centricity

Is ‘BerkshAmazMorgan’ Testing a Cure for What Ails US Healthcare?

Decoding How Stakeholders Drive Biosimilar Adoption

Collaboration in Clinical Operations: Three Takeaways From SCOPE 2018

How Understanding Unconscious Biases Can Improve Pharma Marketing

What’s ‘BerkshAmazMorgan’ Really Capable Of?

Are You Ready to Deliver an AI-Enabled Customer Experience?

Reinvent Your Commercial Strategy With an ‘Outside-In’ Approach

Winning Isn’t Easy: What Biopharma Companies Can Do to Find Success in a Crowded Marketplace

Five Steps to Address the Pain Points of Co-Pay Accumulator Programs

Blurred Lines: Can Providers Become Drug Manufacturers?

The Keys to Pharma’s AI Success Include ‘Disruptive Collaborations’ and a Willingness to Innovate and Iterate

AI Will Usher in ‘Dramatic’ Changes to Pharma’s Commercial Model

Is AI in Pharma Ready to Move From Hype to Hope?

The State of the Union Between Pharma and Tech

The CVS/Aetna Effect: How Pharma Can Prepare for Change

Four Steps to Unlocking the True Potential of Brand Performance Reports

International Customer Segmentation and Targeting: An Implementation Case Study

How Pharma Can Thrive in an Analytics-Enabled Healthcare World

Paging Dr. Watson: Evolving Pharmaceutical Value Propositions in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

As the Goalposts Keep Moving, Pharma Can Help Providers Continue to Move the Ball Forward

Healthcare’s Misalignment Means Missed Opportunities for All Stakeholders

How Pharma Companies Are Engaging Patients as R&D Partners

How to Boost Customer Engagement With AI-Driven Dynamic Channel Orchestration

How Technology and Analytics Are Helping Big Pharma Improve Patient Engagement in R&D

Highlights From ZS’s 2017 European Summit: What Industry Leaders Really Think About Patient Centricity in Pharma

How Biopharma Companies Are Working to Uncover and Meet Patient Needs

How to Develop a Patient-Centric R&D Process

Disrupting the World of Reporting: Advanced Personalization Is the Future

The Death of the Data Warehouse

Is Your Sales Force Ready for Dynamic Targeting?

Who Moved Pharma’s Cheese?

Biosimilars: How Stakeholder Influence Varies by Therapeutic Category

International Customer Targeting and Segmentation: How to Establish the Right Process for Your Organization

Taking the Long View on Pharma’s Reputation Management

Reputation Is Paramount, So What’s Holding Pharma Companies Back?

Why Pharma Manufacturers Should Partner With Rare Disease Communities

Discussing Patient Centricity’s Challenges and Opportunities

How Biopharma Companies Can Adapt to Industry Changes: Step Three

International Customer Segmentation and Targeting: Opportunities and Challenges

Four MDM Trends From Informatica World

Three Tips on How to Align Your Sales Comp With Evolving Customer-Facing Roles

How Biopharma Companies Can Adapt to Industry Changes: Step Two

Five Observations From the 2017 Fair Pricing Forum

Let’s Get Personal: How to Become an ‘Experience-First’ Company

Multichannel Marketing Can Help Make or Break Your Customer Experience

Patient Centricity Is Important, but Customer Centricity Is Imperative

How Biopharma Companies Can Adapt to Industry Changes: Step One

Two Blocked Payer Mega-Mergers and the Future of the Health Insurance Market

Designing Effective Incentive Plans for Rare Disease Teams

My DC Visit Resulted in More Clarity Than Questions: Four Takeaways

How Healthcare Partnerships Are Improving Patient Health

Three Emerging Themes From SCOPE 2017

How SEBs Are Changing the Canadian Healthcare Market

How to Start Optimizing the Customer Experience Using Customer Engagement Journeys