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Actually, There Isn’t an App for That

Posted by Ashish Vazirani on Thu, Oct 22, 2015

To Improve Sales Force Effectiveness, a Business Case and Implementation Plan Are Critical

Some high-level athletes don’t work out. Often they rely on natural ability but don’t focus on the fundamentals or learning the playbook. The same mindset applies to many technology firms, which are often growing at hyper-speed and don’t think they need to take active steps to improve their sales force effectiveness (SFE). Or these organizations think the lessons learned by other tech companies don’t apply to them.

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When Is 1 + 1 Really Greater Than 2?

Posted by Ashish Vazirani on Tue, Oct 20, 2015

The importance of focus when it comes to driving sales force effectiveness (SFE) is a topic I wrote about some time ago. In that post, I pointed to ZS’s SFE NavigatorTM —an approach and a set of tools that will help you decide which SFE drivers are most important to achieve your growth objectives. My objective in that post was to point out the importance of focusing on the one to three initiatives that will drive the greatest impact (… and then move on to the next one or several initiatives). I think we might all agree that focus is critical, but this does beg the question, “If we had a coordinated set of initiatives and a transformation program, wouldn’t the impact be greater? Would one plus one be greater than two?”

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Choose Less, Achieve More: How to Laser-Focus Your SFE Initiative

Posted by Ashish Vazirani on Mon, Feb 25, 2013

When it comes to resolutions, my problem is not a lack of ideas: stay in better touch with my friends, stick to my running schedule, cut out the salt, be more patient with my children … there is never a shortage. So I choose too many, and keep only a few, some not particularly well (ask my 16-year-old who’s learning to drive!).

My colleague recently explored how to keep a resolution to set better sales quotas. His perspective made me reflect on this quandary, which I face each New Year. As I was reflecting, I realized my predicament isn’t much different from the one confronting many sales leaders.

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