ZS Panel at #LEADLIKEAGIRL Conference Focuses on Overcoming Stereotypes

Posted by ZS on May 9, 2018 12:00:00 PM

wli-zs-leadlikeagirl-18At Stuart Country Day School’s second annual #LEADLIKEAGIRL conference, Princeton ZSers once again proudly sponsored and participated in this event for female risk-takers and changemakers.

This year, the conference brought together over 1,000 girls, women, parents and educators to inspire and support young women interested in STEM, entrepreneurship and leadership. The conference also featured more than 60 events with over 100 guest speakers and recognized young women excelling in STEM and business. Many of the conference’s topics were closely aligned with the mission of the Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI), our very own group dedicated to advancing the consulting careers of women at ZS.

At the conference, Jeanne, Jennifer, and Nisha from the WLI facilitated a workshop on gender bias and overcoming stereotypes for girls in elementary, middle and high schools.

ZS’s female leaders opened their session with examples of “fast thinking” and “slow thinking” and led the girls in two exercises to explore the concept of stereotypes—one of which involved placing activities on a scale of “masculine” to “feminine” or “boys” and girls” for the younger students.

Most girls initially placed the cards in clear buckets according to stereotypical lines like video games for boys as well as cooking and baking for girls. After some thought and discussion, the participants began to move the cards toward the middle and noting examples of how those stereotypes are outdated.

“We had a great discussion about stereotypes and what we can do to avoid them in our own lives or deal with them when we hear from others,” said Jeanne, a WLI member and ZS principal. “These important discussions need to happen so we narrow the gender gap for budding entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers.”

The WLI in ZS’s Princeton office will continue to partner with local organizations that empower women.


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