ZS Dads Put Fatherhood First

Posted by ZS on Jun 25, 2018 2:45:00 PM

ZS-Dads18Juggling a career in consulting with fatherhood can prove to be an arduous task. Thankfully, many ZS fathers have discovered that even amid project work and busy travel schedules, the firm’s flexible nature allows them to have plenty of downtime to spend with their children.

Eric, an associate principal in Toronto, is the proud father of 20-month-old baby Harlow, who is just beginning to “figure out the world”.

“I love the fact that ZS allows me to flex where, when and how I need to so that I'm around and available for as many of the moments as possible,” he says. As a new father, Eric has learned to treasure certain special moments like wake-up and bedtime.

“Don't get me wrong, there are a ton of tired mornings and sleepless nights, but I know I have the support of ZS to disconnect for a few hours and take care of my ‘most important deliverable’," Eric says.    

Ram, a decision analytics manager based in Evanston, says becoming a father was a transformation. His two children Arth (4) and Aathmik (9 months) have helped him relive his childhood.

For Ram, ZS is woven into the fabric of his life, meaning he applies knowledge from both work and home interchangeably. “Working with my teams and watching people grow has taught me to be patient and give my kids their space to learn and figure things out,” he explains. “Similarly, being kind with my kids has taught me to take the same approach with my team members: caring for them takes precedence over anything else.”

ZS-Dads18-2“ZS has always been very supportive, so I have never faced any challenges balancing work and family,” says Parijat, a human resources manager in Pune. As the father of a “super active” 5-year-old boy, Purahan, Parijat strives to teach his son invaluable life lessons so that he can handle any situation he comes across as he grows up.

“I want to teach him is to be honest and always give his best shot – be it sports, studies or his job,” he shares. “For now, while he’s still a kid, everything he does makes me proud! Even a simple smile from him makes my day.”

Ben (pictured below), a principal based in New York, has two daughters: Lily (14) and Annika (10). He cherishes the occasional ability ZS provides to combine father-daughter time with client work.

“On a recent trip to France to speak at a client global meeting, the girls joined me and we were able to further both of their respective history studies with a biking trip through the Palace gardens in Versailles,” he shares.  

Bill, a principal and father to 11-year-old Brady, has successfully integrated many aspects of his work life and home life as an expat ZSer living in Europe. “My family hangs out with other ZS families, our kids are friends, we have a pretty tight-knit group in Zurich, and it’s pretty fast to get around to meet one another in the city or surrounding area,” he says.

He and Brady enjoy hiking, skiing and travelling in their free time in Switzerland, and he hopes to teach him a few important lessons: “Hopefully he sees in me that even though I work hard, I really enjoy it and my job has many benefits. I get to help our clients help patients, ZS supports a good life for our family, and there are great people in his life that he's met through our firm.”

One final thing all five dads are in agreement on: It takes a village. In addition to a flexible company, having a network of support outside of work—including partners, extended family, trusted caregivers and friends—has been instrumental in finding balance between their careers and fatherhood.

Dads, are you looking for a new career opportunity in consulting? Check out ZS.



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