ZS Alumni Become Storytellers on Indian Engineering School Campuses

Posted by ZS on Apr 3, 2018 3:30:00 PM

At ZS, we’re proud to recognize how alumni of engineering schools now working at ZS play a central role in our journey to reach campuses and bring smart talent to join our global firm through ZS Campus Beats. The alumni, who are at the associate level and fresh out of college, know their campuses well and are familiar with the preferences and priorities of current students.

This year, more than 85 associate-level ZSers from ZS’s Capability and Expertise Center in New Delhi and Pune joined the ZS Campus Beats team as alumni ambassadors. They took time out of their already busy lives supporting client projects to dedicate their energy towards finding the best talent to join their teams from more than 30 of the top engineering schools in India.

Students at campuses hold an immense amount of energy and enthusiasm as they look for transparency into work culture when joining firms. As students and potential ZSers, they’re curious to know their future employer better and naturally turn to their senior-level colleagues as their go-to source of unfiltered information and insights.

From keeping their campuses informed of when ZS is visiting to sharing their experiences as a ZSer, our ZS Campus Beats alumni ambassadors proactively kept the students engaged and strengthened the participation at events like this year’s brown bag on the art and science of problem-solving.


As part of this year’s ZS Campus Beats program, we also introduced the new ZS Case Challenge. During the on-campus session, students were asked to solve in teams a real-life sales and marketing scenario as a precursor to the India-wide Case Challenge with guidance from alumni on how to help them think holistically when taking on a business case.

“We were heartened and often amused to hear ZS stories come to life as ZSers went on to share what made them join the firm and what keeps them going,” said Neha, an organizer for ZS Campus Beats and recruiter from Pune. “ZSers continue to surprise us with their wit, mindset and strong feelings toward the firm.”

While at Jadavpur University, ZSers Vivek and Debtanu, both alumni of the university, asked students questions around ZS’s core values of doing the right thing, getting it right and treating people right. They asked the audience to think of how they are staying true to these values in their daily lives and how it would reflect in their work at ZS.


Students worked collaboratively to answer these questions and were curious to know more about how we live our core values at work. The ZS Campus Beats team left the college on a high note with students learning that we are a values-driven firm that encourages collaboration and places a great emphasis on quality.

Stay connected with our on-campus sessions by following #ZSCampusBeats on Twitter.

Interested in learning more about ZS Campus Beats? Email indiacareers@zs.com. 

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