No Regrets for This Princeton Intern After Accepting ZS Offer

Posted by ZS on Jul 3, 2018 10:00:00 AM


“Am I speaking with Mr. Shantanu? ………. Congratulations! You’ve been selected as a business technology analyst intern at ZS! We hope you accept the offer.”

These words ring my mind at least once a week as I pinch myself to make sure it is not a dream. Ever since undergrad, I have always wanted to work at ZS, irrespective of the track. The dream came true on a Wednesday evening when I got a call from one of the principals while I was at the gym, a place where I least expected it. Fast forward a couple of months, I along with my fellow interns enter ZS's Princeton office with high hopes of learning, collaborating, networking and ultimately growing. ZS has raised the bar for us.

Against my expectations of a boring first week at orientation filled with information sessions and seminars, ZS cracked the code of making them fun filled, interactive and activity-oriented. As we all entered the Firestone Library on the very first day, ZS welcomed us with goodies like a brand-new laptop, portable charger, water bottle and a backpack. The excitement had already set in. For the following two days, interns had sessions with HR, IT and ZSers who helped each one of us with logistics and welcomed us at the firm. Orientation concluded with getting staffed on a project that would enable us to work and interact directly with the clients.

My project is focused on data management for a multi-million dollar pharmaceutical company wherein I’m required to work directly from a client site. In observing my project team and working with them, I realized that people at ZS are intelligent, collaborative, knowledge-driven and results-oriented. I enjoy working with them every day since I get to learn immensely not just about the work at hand, but also about the pharmaceutical industry in general.

As a part of the business technology track, I attended the 2-day annual business technology retreat where I got a chance to interact informally with various ZSers ranging from associates to principals. With the games that we played on the beach and the storytelling sessions, I realized that everyone here is fun-loving and full of exuberance.

One month into my internship, I already feel I got it right by doing the right thing by accepting the offer to work at ZS. With the aim of growing and learning throughout the rest of my journey here, I hope I prove to be an asset to my project team and become one of the best business technology analyst Interns.

This post was written by Shantanu, a student at Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland College Park studying information systems. This summer, he's interning at ZS’s Princeton office.

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