LA Intern Experiences the Silly Side of ZS’s Culture at Trampoline Park Office Event

Posted by ZS on Jul 27, 2018 10:00:00 AM

ZS-Headshot-Blog-KatyanaOne of the best resources for the summer interns so far has been ZS’s first-year associates—many of whom were recently in our shoes. In addition to serving as our mentors, they’ve helped us onboard to projects, assimilate into ZS ’s culture and answer any day-to-day questions we might have.  The intern-associate relationship started out professional, however, things took a “silly” turn at a recent event held at DojoBoom, an extreme trampoline park in Thousand Oaks, California.

The unlikely event brought out different sides of the ZSers I had been working with. Interns and associates alike flipped off of trampolines, played competitive dodgeball games and shared a meal among 30 friends. The interns had a great time meeting the associates (and some managers!) and bonding in a fun, casual environment. Running around in funny socks and rolling around in a foam pit created a unique bonding experience. Ultimately, it was a great way to help the interns experience the ZS company culture early in the summer.

After the trampoline park, approximately 30 of us headed over to dinner and while the food and drinks were great, the most memorable part of the evening was the live Q&A speaker session, which was moderated by two ZSers including Consultant Elaine, who candidly answered questions about her career path and offered advice for the young professionals sitting around the table. She too, started as an intern at ZS. I could tell the moderators enjoyed moving the event along and felt great respect and pride when introducing their newly promoted coworkers. I really appreciated the sense of support and camaraderie throughout the entire dinner.

Since our first day, we learned that ZSers are proud of their work, enjoy the people around them, and of course, embrace the ZS values: do the right thing, treat people right and get it right. For me, it’s been really cool to experience this in fun settings like the associate track event, but also see someone like Elaine, who happens to be the lead consultant on one of the projects I’m working on, living by these values.

Overall, the trampoline park event was a great opportunity to bond with ZSers and see the firm’s culture come to life. I know the other interns and I are looking forward to the rest of our summer experiences even more!

This post was written by Katyana, a student at UCLA studying molecular biology & cognitive science. This summer, she's interning at ZS’s Los Angeles office.

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