Interactive Info Day Events Welcome Newly Hired India ZSers

Posted by ZS on Apr 5, 2018 11:05:00 AM

ZS-Info-Day-Recap-2Since ZS’s Capability and Expertise Center opened in India, we’ve been welcoming smart and like-minded talent from business and engineering schools.

In 2011, the ZS leadership team began engaging with students prior to joining through Info Days. The informational program was structured so students offered positions on campus through initiatives like ZS Campus Beats could interact with current ZSers—primarily their campus alumni—and learn about ZS’s culture as well as the work we do. Info Day, held on a series of dates, also provides an opportunity for the soon-to-be joining ZSers to interact with the office managing principals, leaders of the firm and alums from their college now working at ZS.

“Info Day’s initial objective was to ensure our future ZSers understand our firm, its culture and the various roles, but over time we evolved into finding new ways to engage with the new hires,” said Megha, a human resources manager from New Delhi.

Each year’s Info Day, organized by ZSers of all levels and functions, includes a knowledge cafe, panel discussion with leaders, an overview of the firm, sessions on how we work while living ZS values, an inside look at a day in the life of an associate, open discussion about the capability groups and roles, and a tour of the office to get a sneak peek into our workplace culture.

Upon entering Info Day, each future ZSer is welcomed by an existing ZSer, who is an alum of his or her college. The current ZSer connects with the offered student on a regular basis and answers any questions prior to Info Day and joining the firm full-time.

“I expected a very professional vibe, but the ZSers made everyone joining feel like a family,” said a past participant who joined from NIT Jamshedpur.

Last year, incoming ZSers from 41 engineering and 14 business schools attended Info Days to get acquainted with ZS culture, be introduced to the broad and deep expertise of ZS in analytics, operations and technology and have the chance to network with their new peers.

“The awesome and engaging event provided plenty of time to have fun while learning about the daily life of a ZSer,” said a VNIT Nagpur alum and new ZSer.

This year’s Info Day events will be held April 10, 11 and 16 in New Delhi, Pune, Kolkata and Bangalore for more than 280 students joining ZS from 58 engineering schools across India.

For event updates, follow #ZSInfoDay on Twitter and Instagram.


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