How Shashank balances writing, cricket and a career at ZS

Posted by ZS on Jun 8, 2017 2:00:00 PM

Shashank-ZS.jpgIn addition to his role as a business operations associate consultant, ZSer Shashank is also a cricket enthusiast and budding novelist. And though it sounds like a lot to manage, he says his passion for the sport and a supportive team are what helped him find balance between his work and other affinities.

“Teamwork is our strength at ZS. Proper planning enables us to wrap up deliverables well within our timelines,” he said. “This ensures we all have the flexibility to pursue and nurture our interests outside work.”

Shashank’s evenings and weekends are dedicated to cricket, a sport he’s long been passionate about. Over the past few years, he also starting using his free time to write. (Shashank, second to the left in the back row, is pictured below with fellow ZSers.)

Previously published in Sportskeeda, Yahoo Cricket and the official blog for the Delhi Daredevils IPL team, Shashank is an experienced sports writer and the positive response he received gave him the confidence to bridge his two favorite hobbies. He recently published his first Kindle Edition novel “My Brewing Romance With Cricket”.  

“My ZS friends were reliable critics and that really gave this book an edge,” he said.

In the story, Shashank himself is the protagonist. “It’s about how each game since my childhood has affected my frame of mind in a different way. Being on the field is parallel to life in many ways—a victory can bring us joy, and a defeat can help us come back stronger.”                                                            

Already promoted once since joining ZS in 2014, Shashank says that he plans to maintain the same tenacity when it comes to both growing in his career and pursuing his passions.

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