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‘Beyond the Pill’ Offerings Strike a Chord with IDNs, But Face Regulatory Uncertainty

Posted by Joe Stevens on Fri, Oct 05, 2018

Paul Darling and Matt Ruple co-wrote this blog post with Joe Stevens.

As the shift to value-based care changes how healthcare is delivered in the U.S., provider organizations are realizing that strong internal collaboration helps to ensure that patients receive high-quality, cost-effective care. This trend also creates opportunities for pharma companies to partner with provider organizations to help doctors unlock more value from the medicines that they prescribe and to improve patient care. However, in some cases, pharma companies still struggle to convince providers of the value of “beyond the pill” offerings. And as the state of California’s lawsuit demonstrates, increased regulatory scrutiny presents yet another hurdle for these partnerships.

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Topics: patient adherence, beyond the pill, Joe Stevens, IDN partners, provider organization partnership tracker survey, reimbursement support, provider engagement, tracking patient outcomes

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