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Automate Business Analytics to Boost Sales and Marketing ROI, ASAP

Posted by Maria Kliatchko on Mon, Sep 23, 2013

A sales rep’s regularly scheduled appointments are interrupted by an alert on his smartphone or iPad. A nearby practice serving a large patient population recently enrolled in a regional health-care plan. In short order, he receives a Google map to that office, details about the practice, as well as patient and physician characteristics, and reminders of key brand, payer and compliance messages. The rep arrives at the unplanned call fully prepared to present his therapies.

This scenario is just one example of how pharma company IT departments can combine Big Data, predictive analytics, technological mobility and social media to accelerate the pace at which sales and marketing teams make the best decisions possible.

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Topics: big data, mobility, pharma sales planning, predictive analytics, Maria Kliatchko

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