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Know your customer: AffinityMonitor™ shows how doctors engage with pharma promotion

Posted by Malcolm Sturgis on Wed, Sep 24, 2014

The pharmaceutical industry is well aware its sales forces are facing greater restrictions than ever on physician access. But the industry is finding that other types of promotion may provide another avenue to reach doctors.

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Topics: customer-centric marketing, pharmaceutical industry, Malcolm Sturgis, AffinityMonitor

ZS’s 2014 AccessMonitor™: Four Steps to Make the Most of Declining Access

Posted by Malcolm Sturgis on Tue, Aug 05, 2014

The headlines are all about declining physician access—almost half of physicians are now considered “access restricted” or “severely access restricted,” according to the 2014 edition of ZS’s AccessMonitor™ study. The report examined data for teams comprising approximately 35,000 sales reps, and interactions with approximately 325,000 physicians and prescribers.

It’s not a new trend. Access has been falling steadily since 2009, when it peaked at 78%. In 2012, reps had good access to 65% of all physicians, and only 55% last year. And given industry trends, rep access to physicians is unlikely to get better.

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Topics: Pharmaceutical, AccessMonitor, Malcolm Sturgis, sales reps

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