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The Active Ingredient features expert insights and commentary from leaders of ZS Associates' global pharmaceuticals practice.

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To Be Truly Effective, Key Account Management Needs Better Technology

Posted by Mike Powers on Fri, Oct 12, 2018

This blog was co-authored by Jerry Alderman, CEO of Valkre Solutions.

The shift to key account management in the pharmaceutical industry is here to stay: Payer and provider consolidation and integration continues to accelerate, decision-making power continues to shift away from the physician, and pharmaceutical drug pricing is under more and more pressure due to the volume-to-value payment model transition. Unfortunately, though, too many pharma companies are falling behind. Instead of fully committing to adopting key account management methods, they’re going through the motions and largely sticking to operational capabilities that have been entrenched in the industry for decades.

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Topics: KAM, key account management, sales organizations, technology investment

Achieve KAM Success by Overcoming the ‘Challenge From Within’

Posted by Pratap Khedkar on Wed, May 09, 2018

Headlines proclaiming the latest healthcare merger, consolidation or vertical integration are hitting our screens with increasing frequency. The U.S. healthcare ecosystem is changing pretty rapidly now. Care delivery models are shifting, and cross-industry collaborations are more commonplace.

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Topics: Pratap Khedkar, key account management, organizational alignment, commercial strategy, sales organizations, pharma companies, commercial transformation, leadership challenges

Who Moved Pharma’s Cheese?

Posted by Steve Bull on Fri, Sep 22, 2017

Do you remember the book Who Moved My Cheese? that was popular in the 1990s? It tells the story of two people and two mice who live in a maze and thrive on a seemingly endless supply of cheese. The parable resonated with many of us—including me—both in business settings and in our personal lives. After following the four characters’ varying reactions to the possibility of their “cheese” source disappearing, you can’t help but turn the lens on yourself and ask, How would I deal with unexpected change?

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Topics: sales strategy, Pharma, key account management, manufacturers, reinvent go-to-market strategy, Impact Summit, Impact Summit 2017, account-based selling

Unlock Large Customers’ Doors With Key Account Management

Posted by Bill Coyle on Mon, Feb 02, 2015

As key account management (KAM) becomes more prevalent for pharmaceutical companies trying to court large clients, how are they actually implementing it? And what challenges are they facing as they try to do so?

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Topics: Pharmaceutical, Bill Coyle, sales management, hospital, key account management

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