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Should You Provide Monetary Incentives or Focus on Culture to Increase Sales Force Motivation?

Posted by Mike Martin on Wed, Dec 16, 2015

A recent EyeForPharma article entitled “Ignore the Science of Motivation at your Peril” argues that “financial and other extrinsic rewards” don’t boost sales performance. Rather, the expert interviewed for the article said that intrinsic motivators such as autonomy, mastery and purpose drive performance and should be used in place of the standard incentive compensation plans. These concepts have been a part of the sales compensation discussion since Daniel Pink introduced them back in 2009 with his New York Times best-selling behavioral economics book, Drive.

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Topics: incentives, sales compensation, motivation, Mike Martin, Daniel Pink, culture, autonomy, intrinsic motivators, extrinsic rewards, eyeforpharma

2015 Incentives Study Reveals Three Key Changes Ahead for Pharmaceutical Sales

Posted by Tanya Chaturvedi on Fri, Oct 09, 2015

ZS Associates ran its Incentives Practice Research study again this year, and found that sales incentive plan trends have remained relatively consistent over last year. Continuing on a path in recent years, base and variable pay for reps and managers was comparable to the year previous. Also, most teams continue to rely heavily on quotas or management by objectives (MBOs).

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Topics: incentives, sales compensation, Pharma, Tanya Chaturvedi

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