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Will Artificial Intelligence Usher in the Age of Industrial Medicine?

Posted by Paul Darling on Tue, Jan 22, 2019

This blog post is the final entry in a series on ZS’s 2018 AI in Healthcare study.

The U.S. healthcare system is expensive and wasteful, and is one of the least efficient in the world. More than half of doctors are burned out, and medical errors are the third leading cause of death. And if the healthcare experience doesn’t kill patients, it most definitely frustrates them: Patients in U.S. metropolitan areas reportedly wait an average of 24 days for a doctor’s appointment—up 30% since 2014.

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Topics: Paul Darling, artificial intelligence, healthcare delivery, AI in Healthcare study, industrial medicine, data and interoperability, standardization of care, traditional medicine

What Do IDNs Care About? We Have the Data

Posted by Joe Stevens on Mon, Jul 16, 2018

Paul Darling co-authored this blog post with Joe Stevens.

Physicians continue to trade in the keys to their private practices in exchange for employee badges within large provider systems. Integrated delivery networks have become major players in healthcare delivery, and pharmaceutical and medical device companies are working hard to tailor their commercial approaches to suit these increasingly complex and diverse stakeholders, which is proving to be quite the challenge. As one industry executive recently told me, “If you know one IDN, you know one IDN.”

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Topics: patient outcomes, Paul Darling, IDNs, healthcare delivery, meaningful patient experience, standardization, high-quality care, Joe Stevens, integrated provider network, provider organization partnership tracker survey

Bezos, Buffet and Dimon Bring in Part-Time CEO Gawande: Who Will Be the Muscle?

Posted by Paul Darling on Mon, Jun 25, 2018

Pratap Khedkar co-wrote this blog post with Paul Darling.

Boston-based Atul Gawande needs a new name plate as he adds CEO to an already long list of titles including surgeon, professor, writer and executive director. Gawande is a crusader who’s focused on improving healthcare delivery and accessibility, so company leaders Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett and Jamie Dimon are confident that Gawande’s background and passion make him the ideal ambassador to advocate for and deliver a revamped healthcare experience for their collective employees in their joint healthcare entity, which we like to call “BerkshAmazMorgan.” For Gawande, this chief executive post likely is an appealing opportunity to experiment with an entirely new care delivery paradigm that one day could be applied outside these corporations’ walls.

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Topics: Pratap Khedkar, healthcare ecosystem, Paul Darling, healthcare delivery, BerkshAmazMorgan, health management, employer-driven healthcare

The CVS/Aetna Effect: How Pharma Can Prepare for Change

Posted by Paul Darling on Thu, Dec 21, 2017

CVS Health’s proposed purchase of Aetna and UnitedHealth Group’s plan to buy DaVita’s primary care units could bring a sea change for healthcare delivery. They are two examples of the corporatization of healthcare delivery and the broader evolution of the healthcare landscape that’s currently under way. In addition to securing the position of immediate care facilities and pharmacies as first-line healthcare providers—which is expected to continue to reframe the healthcare delivery model as we know it—these deals would affect all corners of the healthcare ecosystem in areas from data and analytics to drug pricing and pharmaceutical customer influence.

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Topics: customer insights, customer engagement, Pharma, vertical integration, healthcare ecosystem, m&a, consolidation, local healthcare market, commercial strategy, CVS/Aetna, healthcare delivery, immediate care facilities

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