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Five Observations From the 2017 Fair Pricing Forum

Posted by Ed Schoonveld on Mon, May 15, 2017

In May, I joined various members of governmental organizations, patient organizations and the life sciences industry at the 2017 Fair Pricing Forum, an invitation-only meeting to discuss “fair pricing” for medications in Amsterdam. Organized by the World Health Organization and the Dutch Ministry of Health, the meeting prompted a productive dialogue among stakeholders but also revealed a worrisome gap in the overall perception of the drug pricing discussion. The pharmaceutical industry’s viewpoint was widely underrepresented, with attendance heavily weighted toward governments and activists, and only a small industry delegation.

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Prescription Market Stakeholders to Drug Makers: Show Us the Value

Posted by Ed Schoonveld on Tue, Jun 23, 2015

The U.S. market for prescription drugs has evolved significantly over the last few years. High and increasing costs of healthcare, together with changes related to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), have been at the forefront of discussions. Health insurance coverage for previously uninsured, institution of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and various other healthcare quality and efficiency initiatives have also been prevalent topics.

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Topics: Pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical industry, Pharma, Pharma Industry, Drug pricing, Ed Schoonveld

Finding and Funding the Cure for Alzheimer’s Disease

Posted by Ed Schoonveld on Wed, Apr 29, 2015

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is projected to become a major drain on global health-care systems, with the cost of care for the United States alone amounting to more than $214 billion in 2014 and estimated to grow to $1.2 trillion annually by 2050.1 With limited treatment options, the disease is putting a large and growing humanistic toll on patients and their families. Research efforts have so far been disappointing, as a large number of developmental agents have failed to demonstrate efficacy in reducing symptoms or, preferably, alter progression of the disease. The recent news of positive early stage trial results for Biogen’s aducanumab has renewed hope for effective solutions for this devastating disease. However, many challenges remain in finding and funding new treatments.

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Topics: Ed Schoonveld, Pharmaceutical Pricing, Market Access, Alzheimer's Disease

The Hepatitis C Pricing Debate

Posted by Ed Schoonveld on Wed, Oct 29, 2014

The need for new drugs seems higher than ever with population-wide health crises such as Ebola, H1N1, Anthrax and HIV/AIDS. Maintaining an innovative drug development environment seems increasingly critical for our existence. In addition, we are facing healthcare issues related to our lifestyle, which through cardiovascular disease and diabetes alone contribute heavily to escalating healthcare costs.

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Topics: Market Access & Pricing, hepatitis C drugs, Drug pricing, Ed Schoonveld

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