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How Biopharma Companies Are Working to Uncover and Meet Patient Needs

Posted by Kristyn Feldman on Wed, Oct 25, 2017

Lisa Bance co-wrote this blog post with Kristyn Feldman.

This is the second post in a four-part series examining patient centricity within R&D.

As pharmaceutical companies aim to make their drug development processes more patient-centric, we’ve noted that a formula for success is starting to emerge, and we’ve packaged that formula into our four pillars of patient centricity in R&D. In our last post, we addressed the first pillar: gaining an understanding of and empathy for patients. In this post, we review the second pillar: uncovering and meeting patients’ needs.

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Topics: Pharma, Pharma Industry, Patient Engagement, drug development, co-creation, R&D, patient centricity, patient centricity in R&D, meet patient needs, collaborative communication

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