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From Good to Great: To Accelerate Growth, Look Inward

Posted by Yasasvi Popuri on Thu, Nov 08, 2018

How can we identify and realize growth opportunities? That’s the multibillion-dollar question that looms large on the minds of pharma and biotech companies when their drugs enter the maturation phase. In our experience, pharmaceutical and biotech companies take one of two broad approaches to address this problem: understanding and addressing the provider, patient or payer barriers or diving deeper into field force effectiveness to improve the customer experience. The choice of approach depends on whether marketing or sales leadership initiates the franchise-wide pursuit of additional growth opportunities.

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Topics: customers, Growth, strategic accounts, pharmaceuticals, biopharma, product differentiation, growth drivers, growth strategy, data and insights

Decoding How Stakeholders Drive Biosimilar Adoption

Posted by Tucker Herbert on Thu, Mar 15, 2018

Disparate uptake of biosimilars to date show that developing a biosimilar is far from a sure bet. Launching any new drug is challenging, but launching a biosimilar can be especially tricky because of the increased uncertainty across regulatory, legal and commercial spheres on one hand and an expectation that significant promotional effort will be required (without being able to differentiate on safety/efficacy) on the other. Is choosing between biosimilars (or an originator) making a therapeutic choice? In the eyes of the FDA, unless a biosimilar has been granted interchangeability, the product choice remains with MDs as the products have been deemed to have equivalent safety/efficacy without being identical. (Other key stakeholders are developing a range of perspectives on this topic.) To ensure commercial success, biosimilar developers (and defenders) need to have a strategic plan for forecasting and conducting market research to fully understand the market complexity. It’s also critical to align the incentives for providers, patients, payers, pharmacists and procurement—all of whom can play a critical role in driving or delaying a new biosimilar’s uptake.

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Topics: go-to-market strategy, oncology, Biosimilars, new product launch, biotech, biopharma, stakeholders, biosimilar adoption, clinical differentiation, pharma manufacturer, biosimilar launch

Winning Isn’t Easy: What Biopharma Companies Can Do to Find Success in a Crowded Marketplace

Posted by Ross Shahinian on Wed, Feb 07, 2018

Christina Corridon co-wrote this blog post with Ross Shahinian.

In 2017, there were 46 novel drug approvals in the U.S., according to the FDA. However, the majority (67%) of these drug approvals represent later-to-market entrants that will be vying for share in an increasingly competitive landscape. For example, take Verzenio, Lilly’s CDK-inhibitor for HR-positive breast cancer, which was third to market after Pfizer’s Ibrance and Novartis’s Kisqali. Or Steglatro, the Merck and Pfizer fourth-to-market SGLT-2 drug, which came in after Invokana, Farxiga and Jardiance.

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Topics: Pharma, Biosimilars, Differentiation, Competition, biopharma, competitive advantage, pharma companies, drug approvals, market share

International Customer Targeting and Segmentation: How to Establish the Right Process for Your Organization

Posted by Simon Stirrup on Mon, Aug 21, 2017

This blog post is the second in a three-part series on why biopharmaceutical companies should develop and implement an international customer segmentation and targeting strategy, what it takes to get started, and how one company has found success. 

In the first post in this series, we looked at the challenges inherent in translating a philosophy of customer engagement into a practical approach to segmentation and targeting that works at the global level. In this installment, we’ll examine the ways in which an organization can address these challenges and implement an international process for customer segmentation and targeting that enables the right activities to be delivered to the right customers at the right time.

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Topics: customer experience, sales, marketing, Pharma, CX, global strategy, international customer segmentation and targeting, biopharma

Discussing Patient Centricity’s Challenges and Opportunities

Posted by Pratap Khedkar on Wed, Jun 21, 2017

In my last blog post, I used the pharmaceutical industry’s quest for patient centricity as a jumping-off point to discuss how pharma companies need to focus on customer centricity, rethinking their commercial strategies to better address their many stakeholders in the evolving healthcare ecosystem. But since patients’ wellness is the pharmaceutical industry’s reason for being, patient centricity should remain pharma’s North Star. 

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Topics: go-to-market strategy, marketing, marketing strategy, commercial operations, Pratap Khedkar, customer centricity, Pharma, Hensley Evans, healthcare, DTC, healthcare ecosystem, R&D, commercial strategy, patient centricity, reputation marketing, biopharma, patient advocacy

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