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Paul Darling

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Will Artificial Intelligence Usher in the Age of Industrial Medicine?

Posted by Paul Darling on Tue, Jan 22, 2019

This blog post is the final entry in a series on ZS’s 2018 AI in Healthcare study.

The U.S. healthcare system is expensive and wasteful, and is one of the least efficient in the world. More than half of doctors are burned out, and medical errors are the third leading cause of death. And if the healthcare experience doesn’t kill patients, it most definitely frustrates them: Patients in U.S. metropolitan areas reportedly wait an average of 24 days for a doctor’s appointment—up 30% since 2014.

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Topics: Paul Darling, artificial intelligence, healthcare delivery, AI in Healthcare study, industrial medicine, data and interoperability, standardization of care, traditional medicine

If AI Is the Engine and Patient Data Is its Fuel, Then Who’s in the Driver’s Seat?

Posted by Paul Darling on Wed, Oct 31, 2018

Pratap Khedkar co-wrote this blog post, the third in a series on ZS’s 2018 AI in Healthcare study, with Paul Darling.

Each time you visit the doctor, it’s the same scenario: You rattle off a bunch of information like medical history, lifestyle behaviors and choices, and current complaints, while she pounds away at a keyboard. You might have access to a portion of your medical record through a web-based patient portal, but otherwise that content is under the provider’s lock and key (unless you’re a New Hampshire resident). Don’t you wonder what your full electronic health record holds? Stakeholders throughout the healthcare ecosystem do, too.

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Topics: Pratap Khedkar, Paul Darling, artificial intelligence, healthcare model, patient data, AI in Healthcare study, interoperability, digital connected health

The CVS/Aetna Merger Got the Greenlight, but Pharma Is Stuck at an Imaginary Red

Posted by Paul Darling on Mon, Oct 15, 2018

CVS Health and Aetna. Cigna and Express Scripts. Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase. Each one of these deals is evidence that corporate America will continue to march into the medical arena, uniting once-distinct healthcare enterprises under one roof. While the long-held divisions between U.S. healthcare stakeholders may be getting hazy, the aim is clear: to deliver convenient, high-quality care to consumers at a lower cost.

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Topics: vertical integration, Paul Darling, artificial intelligence, real-world evidence, digital health tools, pharma business model, health and wellness

A Majority of Patients Want AI to Improve Their Face Time With Physicians, ZS Research Finds

Posted by Paul Darling on Tue, Sep 25, 2018

Pratap Khedkar co-wrote this blog post, the second in a series on ZS’s 2018 AI in Healthcare study, with Paul Darling.

We trust artificial intelligence to navigate commuters around real-time traffic and pitch in when it’s time to cook dinner, and it’s even being called on to tackle the ever-looming laundry pile (for those who can afford the hefty price tag). AI also is well on its way to autonomously steering cars and landing airplanesalthough most consumers don’t feel comfortable completely foregoing human judgment when people’s lives are at stake.

We’ve found that that pretty much sums up how patients feel about AI’s potential role in healthcare delivery. They’re OK with AI taking on certain tasks, but they want the diagnoses and treatment decisions left in their physicians’ hands.

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Topics: Patient Engagement, Paul Darling, artificial intelligence, data privacy, care delivery, healthcare administrative tasks, AI in Healthcare study, automated healthcare

How Do Doctors Feel About Robots in the Exam Room?

Posted by Paul Darling on Wed, Aug 29, 2018

This blog post is the first in a series on ZS’s 2018 AI in Healthcare study.

Data-rich, technology-based solutions like artificial intelligence are lining up to transform many facets of healthcare, but before we start planning for the transformation that this technology can bring, we might want to do a reality check: Will AI truly be disruptive in an industry that has been slow to adopt new technologies, or will the change be incremental? And even if AI can improve care delivery, what do doctors—and patients—think about inviting AI into the exam room?

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Topics: physician, Paul Darling, artificial intelligence, automation tools, artificial intelligence & pharma, care delivery, data-driven care, healthcare administrative tasks, AI in Healthcare study

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